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 Post subject: Daglarin Oglu fan project review, Turkish Western Collection
PostPosted: 05.10.2012 20:04 
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the movie I review today is Daglarin Oglu aka Dag Kurdu (1972)
directed by Çetin Ýnanç


disk info:
Direct transfer from my video tape....so decent video quality
turkish audio with english subs
runtime 56min

One of my favourite turkish westerns! prefer it above many italian made westerns!
Yimaz köksal is a nice acter .... in this movie he plays Cuchillo (named after tomas milian in run man run) a carecter clearly inspired by the terence hill trinity figure and tomas milian in run man run.
Daglarin Oglu (video title...even the sleeve says Dag Kurdu) has everything a good turkish western should have; crazy comic style carecters, obscure violence, chicks, special weapons, over the top fighting scene's and cool gadgets .... in this movie a trinity like contruction, a wagen that is pulled by cuchilio's horse.

the camera work is much better as in the avarage turkish western, long landscape views and other creative/borrowed camera actions.

the story has some holes in the plot and every now and than its a bit unclear what is going on, but that didnt spoil the fun of watching this movie. I enjoyed every minute of the movie, another great turkish western for the collection.

for introduction:
Good = :)
Bad = :evil:
Image :) Cuchillo = Yýlmaz Köksal

Image :) Sarita = Nalan Çöl

Image :) Father Pierre = Atýf Kaptan

Image :) Rosita = Ayþin Atav

Image :) Esteban = Danyal Topatan

Image :roll: Police Patrol

Image :evil: Don Pedro = Kudret Karadað aka Turkish Fernando Sancho

Image :evil: Çiko = Kazým Kartal

The Movie:
The movie starts with our main carrecter (cuchillo) lying on his wooden contruction pulled by his horse. Cuchillo is just released out of prison ... he was in their for stealing 2 mules. when cuchillo arrives in his home area, the words go around that he is free .... and some bandits arn't really happy with that news. the bandit leader is don pedro aka turkish fernando sancho. Cuchillo is ambushed by don pedro's man, luckyely cuchillo is the master in knife trowing and he kills all bandits.

we see a stranger (esteban) comming into a cave restaurant.....strange guy with weird clothes ..... he starts asking for don pedro and a guy called Ciko. he says to the girl working in the restaurant (rosita) that she has to search for ciko and she has to tell him that estaban is waiting for him.

Cuchillo was just taking a nap when a bandit (ciko) steals his horse! when he looks around he sees an other bandit. cuchillo asks the bandit who his boss is ..... now cuchillo knows who wants him dead. also cuchillo bumbes into his old girl friend Sarita .... who is more than happy to see her old flame again. Cuchillo first wants his horse back, so he has to find Ciko.
Sarita and Cuchillo make a stop in the cave restaurant to have somehting to eat. Rosita likes cuchillo aswell ....... cuchillo is a real player!! he kisses a bit with rosita when sarita isnt looking. Esteban is also in the cave restaurant, cuchillo helps him out in a fight ..... so they are more or less friends now.

don pedro wants ciko and cuchillo .... he believes one of them knows were the gold is that was stolen from the goverment, don pedro wants to get his hads on that gold. he sends his man out to capture ciko and cuchillo. the bandits find ciko first, ciko is in a bad situation, he is out numbered. also cuchillo arives at the scene .... he was also looking for ciko .. .he stole his horse. cuchillo sees that ciko is in trouble and helps him out, cuchillo jumps from hill top to hill top and from rock to the floor if the stones were like trampolens.
the bandits run of, than cuchillo and ciko get in a fight. cuchilio only saved ciko so he can beat him up himself.....ciko stole his horse and he wants it back! after some fighting he gets his horse back and their are also no hard feelings between ciko and cuchillo.

don pedro stills wants the gold, so he kidnappes rosita. don pedro starts beating rosita up .... maybe she knows anything about the gold? ciko and cuchillo rush over to don pedro's place to free rosita. rosita is released but after a short fight ciko and cuchillo are captured and tortured. they manage to escape and try to run off. during the escape cuchillo bumbs into some police forces....
some weird patrol in yellow/red outfits, cuchillo wants to escape from them aswell .... but he gets stuck in a mine field?!? anyhow....cuchillo tricks the patrol end send them off in their underwear across a river??? funny scene ... but has no meaning for the story.

ciko meets up with sarita's dad, a priest, father pierre .... he also wants to knoe were the gold is. father pierre tells cuchillo about the gold ... cuchillo isnt that interested in the gold, he says he allready has everything he needs. father pierre convints cuchillo that the gold is important, the people need it for the revolution ... cuchillo agrees.

esteban comes in the scene, he wants cuchillo to tell him were the gold is ..... if he doesnt tell he chalanges him to a duell. the duell is very inspired by the run man run end seen .... camera movement, music, zoom ins, knifes on the shoulders ..... cuchillo wins the duell, with his last energie esteban explains that he is not a gold hunter, but an official who is trying to get the stolen gold back to the general to start the revolution. estebans last wish is that cuchillo takes the gold back to the revolutionairs.

cuchillo goes after the gold, first he goes to don pedro's hang-out. don pedro is quickly killed ... but their is no gold.

father pierre remembers that ciko was hiding something in a cave .... it turns out to be the gold. he takes the gold and hides it somewere els .. so that ciko cant get it anymore. ciko finds out that father pierre has taken the gold. he kills father pierre when he doesnt want to tell him were the gold is. also ciko takes sarita hostage ... cuchillo finds out what happened and goes after ciko. cuchillo kills ciko with several knifes .... sadly sarita is deadly injuredduring the fight....she was injured by a bullet from ciko. with her last energie she tells cuchillo were the gold is hidden.
cuchillo finds out tht the gold is just a small part, their is more! their is a treasure map hidden with the gold. sarita dies in cuchillo's arms ... her last words are "please cuchillo, brig the gold to el paso, to the revolutioners" ..... cuchillo gets on his horse and rides towards el paso. -SON- The End

I didnt make a dvdr sleeve for the movie...cause I have it on tape.....

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 Post subject: Re: Daglarin Oglu fan project review, Turkish Western Collection
PostPosted: 05.10.2012 20:12 
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